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HOT FUZZ (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

PC Nicholas Angel is the best of the best, in fact he's so damn good he's making his fellow Metropolitan colleagues look inept, there's only one answer, ship him off to a sleepy West Country village. It soon becomes clear however that the market town of Sandford is a den of genteel psychotics, the number of ‘accidental' deaths reaching a frenzy that even Midsomer Norton would deem preposterous. It's time for PC Angel to take it up a gear and along for the ride is his immensely keen but dim witte find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Two London based Irish hitmen await orders in Ye Olde Bruges of picturesque canals, churches and towers in this clever tragicomedy. Ken does the tourist bit while Ray chases skirt and rues the accidental killing of a child on his first and last job. Then Ken gets the word, and it's not what he expected. Meanwhile back in Blighty their gangland boss, Harry, has problems with his anger, his language and keeping his honour. A dark unpredictable tale, original and savvy. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

The Mountain Patrol are a pitifully ill-equipped and underfunded volunteer force fighting a relentless, and seemingly hopeless, battle against the poachers of Tibet's increasingly rare antelopes. Based on a true story and shot in a pseudo-documentary style, "Mountain Patrol" is a visually ravishing and grippingly brutal tale of men surviving on what seems like the edge of the world. Set in the beautiful harsh landscapes of Tibet, the locations are stunning, and the local colour vivid. find out more...
SHOOTER (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

A cracking action movie in which US government agents recall from the backwoods retired crack sniper Bob Lee Swagger, a man who did their dirty work in Ethiopia, and who soon finds himself at the centre of an evil conspiracy that runs deep to the core of those who run 'freedom and democracy'. Sniping, bombs, car chases, explosions, helicopters, plots, a smart junior fed, who doesn't buy the government's line, and even a pretty girl! Ok, it's a bit simplistic at times, but who cares, that's Rumsf find out more...
TZAMETI (2005)

Certification12 Our Rating

A clean-faced 20-year-old, Sebastien leads an impoverished life with his immigrant family, constantly struggling to find the money for their next meal. When hired to repair the roof of the morphine-addicted Godon, Sebastien eavesdrops in on a conversation which appears to offer a quick and easy solution to his money troubles. When Godon suddenly drops dead, Sebastien decides to follow the instructions, meant for the recently deceased addict, in a desperate bid to secure some income for himself a find out more...