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Certification12 Our Rating

Chatroom is a disturbing film about a young man named Will (Aaron Johnson from Kickass) who sets up a chat room called "Chelsea Teens!". Four other teenagers join this site and soon they begin exchanging information as though they where life long friends. The chat room is brilliantly shown in physical form and the "friends" effortlessly jump from real life to the chat room which is portrayed as a sleazy run down hotel where all chatrooms are represented by different rooms. The film is stylish find out more...

PULSE (2001)

Certification15 Our Rating

Inexplicable suicides, strange behaviour and mysterious disappearances are plaguing the citizens of Tokyo. A young woman, Michi attempts to unravel the bizarre death of her work colleague while a computer novice, Kawashima, tries to find out why his computer seems to have a life of it's own. These two storylines collide in Kurosawa's massively influential nightmare tale of Armageddon, where the world of the dead begins to seep through into that of the living. Hauntingly atmospheric and filled wi find out more...
PULSE (2006)

Certification15 Our Rating

When Mattie's previously happy-go-lucky boyfriend commits suicide, she becomes determined to find out why. With the help of friends she discovers that his sudden depression seems linked to a strange computer programme that he was working on before he died, a computer programme that continues to run even when switched off and acts as a gateway between the world of the living and the world of the dead. A remake of the 2001 Japanese film Kairo, Pulse has some genuinely creepy moments and an interes find out more...
THE CELL (2000)

Certification18 Our Rating

A deeply disturbed serial killer ( I know most of them are pretty seriously bothered by something, but this guy is grade A) has been caught by the FBI, but he still has one victim tucked away and time is running out. Enter one beautiful therapist who is using a revolutionary computer program to enter the world and minds of her patients. Harnessing her skills she enters the murderer's thoughts and so begins a battle to discover the truth... and survive the journey. The Cell as a thriller is no ey find out more...
TUSK (2014)

Certification15 Our Rating

Kevin Smith had a podcast where they made a joke about the idea of kidnapping and turning a human into a walrus. It went viral on the twittersphere. Then it became a movie. This movie. Though the whole thing starts out well, with decent doses of good humour and dramatic tension, it all falls very quickly by the wayside. The result is a ridiculous prosthetic walrus suit that envelops Justin Long. Somewhere inside this mess of a movie there's a punchline, if only Smith could get to it without q find out more...