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Certification18 Our Rating

A young woman decides to start a new life by renovating an old hotel on the edge of a Louisiana swamp (thankgod we don't all share the same dream!) unfortunately said building used to be the gateway to hell and her life quickly becomes side-tracked by a large number of persistent and unpleasant zombies. Classic Fulci, a must for all serious horror afficionados. find out more...
TUSK (2014)

Certification15 Our Rating

Kevin Smith had a podcast where they made a joke about the idea of kidnapping and turning a human into a walrus. It went viral on the twittersphere. Then it became a movie. This movie. Though the whole thing starts out well, with decent doses of good humour and dramatic tension, it all falls very quickly by the wayside. The result is a ridiculous prosthetic walrus suit that envelops Justin Long. Somewhere inside this mess of a movie there's a punchline, if only Smith could get to it without q find out more...