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SHOOTER (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

A cracking action movie in which US government agents recall from the backwoods retired crack sniper Bob Lee Swagger, a man who did their dirty work in Ethiopia, and who soon finds himself at the centre of an evil conspiracy that runs deep to the core of those who run 'freedom and democracy'. Sniping, bombs, car chases, explosions, helicopters, plots, a smart junior fed, who doesn't buy the government's line, and even a pretty girl! Ok, it's a bit simplistic at times, but who cares, that's Rumsf find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

The famous drugs thriller as Gene Hackman plays the cop determined to fix the Marseille based heroin runners once and for all. An action-packed movie full of murders, car chases and everything else a good thriller should have - making it one of the classics and a yardstick for others since. Won Best Picture at 1971 Academy Awards. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

A tightly made exercise in high tension as an innocent young driver is pursued across country by a homicidal and completely relentless maniac. Don't let it stop you giving lifts though, the Swindon exit of the M4 is a godforsaken place, enough to turn anyone crazy. The DVD is a two disk special edition with filmographies, a documentary and two shorts. find out more...