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Certification15 Our Rating

A terrorist, Todd, suffers a serious injury while trying to nick a biological super weapon. Finding himself in the care of an anti-terrorist unit with no memory of his past, Todd is returned to his old gang believing himself to be an undercover cop. Purple Storm is a cracking action drama, crammed with fights, pyrotechnics and CGI effects, from the Hong Kong film factory and a winner of ten awards. find out more...
SO CLOSE (2002)

Certification18 Our Rating

Two assassin sisters are hired by a dodgy geezer to commit a dodgy deed, however a dedicated copper detects something devious and decides to do some deduction, this unfortunately turns out very badly for all three women concerned because said businessman is not in the habit of leaving loose ends. So Close is a relentless martial arts actioner, stylish, not too serious and with some great choreography. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

An awesome action film that some people rate as the best movie ever made! It's not, but in terms of visual impact and sheer technical wizardry it's hard to beat. It's the near future and nerdy computer hacker Neo (Reeves) is about to discover an alternative reality via a meeting with mysterious rebel warrior Morpheus (Larry Fishburne). Neo learns that life on earth is merely an elaborate farce, a complex computer simulation called The Matrix, and mankind is simply lunch - a source of power for t find out more...