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Certification15 Our Rating

The story of a Broadway choreographer under such pressure to be top of the Bill that success could cost him his life. A film that is really a meditation on love, life, death and personal priorities. The real standout is the vibrant editing and music - long before MTV coopted the fast and loose cutting styles that make it hard to focus, Fosse put it to good use. He doesn't just cut for shock value, he cuts WITH the music, creating images that go right into your inner rhythm somehow. Brilliant ent find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Deneuve's first film, and winner of the 1964 Cannes Palme d'Or. Shopgirl Genevieve is left pregnant, when her mechanic boyfriend is sent to war, and marries the rich and honourable man who can give her a decent life. A blissful romance 'Umbrellas' makes escapist play with the stuff of kitchen-sink social realism and every line of dialogue is sung to Michel Legrand's melodious score. Essentially a story of true love lost, elevated by its magical simplicity.

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