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CertificationE Our Rating

In Greendale, Neil Young has made what he calls a "musical novel," telling the story of a three generational family, a cop's inadvertent murder and the sociopolitical evolution of a girl named Sun Green. Not a concert film, Young directs actors on locations on his Northern California home turf to create his Greendale, a rural town microcosm of a world in crisis. He shot the film himself on a German Super 8 underwater camera he loves. Then it was blown up to 35mm, giving the film a rough-hewn, al find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Certification15 Our Rating

A dazzling musical extravaganza set to the sounds of the platinum album "Graffiti Bridge", with Prince and arch rival, Morris Day vying for control of the Glam Slam Nightclub. Candy for the eyes and ears. find out more...