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CertificationPG Our Rating

Plans get foiled time and again for poor young Flash when his girlfriend is kidnapped by Ming the Merciless, who intends to destroy the earth and make her his new concubine. A baroque world of wedding-cake sky castles, crystal swords, hawk-men and a chap who has just twelve hours to save the world armed only with a lantern jaw and a clean pair of tights. Can he avoid the amorous attentions of Ming's daughter and unite the warring kingdoms of Mongo? Can Flash save the Earth? Will Brian Blessed's find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

They're around us, everywhere - on TV, in the supermarkets, running corporations, marshalling the army, sitting in government and even starring in movies. They have bug eyes, extending limbs, weird hairdos, webbed feet, several heads and they come in many different varieties, it's just you don't remember much about them 'coz of those snappily dressed Men In Black with their super-dooper weaponry like memory erasers. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones keep a shaded eye on the hundreds of pesky weirdo find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Super-hero spoof in which an oddball collection of gimps, nerds and failures must use their powers and wacky inventor Doc Heller's amazing weapons in order to safeguard Champion City by rescuing Captain Amazing and defeating the evil Casanova Frankenstein. Long live Mr Furious, The Blue Raja, The Shoveler, The Spleen, The Bowler, The Invisible Boy and The Sphinx. Welcome them to the hall of fame in this constantly amusing and wittily scripted affair. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Les Franken defines ‘non-descript', everything about him is without note, but when he takes part in a clinical trial for a new drug called ‘Special' Les starts to notice super human gifts developing and as an avid reader of comic books decides to re-model himself as a fearless indestructible defender of justice. At times bleakly witty 'Special' is at heart a tale driven by delusion, the emotional collapse of a man who like many of us wishes to be something more than he is. A flawed tale that los find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Bob Parr and his wife Helen are just a normal couple living with their three children in the suburbs, Bob hates his job as an insurance clerk, but hell, what sane man wouldn't? There is nothing remarkable about the Parr family, nothing at all… well except that fifteen years earlier Bob and Helen were two of the greatest super heroes the world has ever known, fearless crime fighters put out to pasture when the authorities began to count the financial costs of the way they did business. find out more...