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Certification12 Our Rating

Allie and Noah are teenagers in love, and that's real love not the first crush of youth puppy love stuff, but they live in a society ruled by class and are from different sides of the railway track. Reunited several years later it quickly becomes obvious that the fire is still very much alive and Allie finds herself forced to choose between the man she loved, fought and spent a summer of love with as a teenager or a handsome upper class fiancee, a rich and decent man, whom she likes a lot, and w find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A landmark in Egyptian cinema and adapted from Alaa Al Aswany's spectacularly popular novel, "The Yacoubian Building" deftly blends multiple personal stories of the denizens of a Cairo apartment building from the decadent upper-class beys and pashas in the fading glory of the downstairs apartments to the immigrants from Upper Egypt, prey to exploitation and fundamentalist overtures, on the roof. An excellent montage of characters who both symbolise modern Egypt and are caught in its decline. find out more...