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Certification12 Our Rating

Gogol is a very strange name and somewhat of an embarrassment, as are his parents with their strange sub-continental ways, to a first generation Bengali American, but it is a name that will have relevance to his struggle to forge a personal identity. This charming film spans over three decades from the first fumbles of a successful arranged middle-class Calcutta marriage, through pain and gain, to a slow integration into an American immigrant identity. Not quite an epic, but a heart-warming tale find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

When vertically challenged Finn Mcbride inherits an abandoned train depot slap bang in the middle of nowhere he's a happy man, finally life has provided him with the opportunity to escape the world's curious eyes, and he prepares himself for an existence of lonely bliss. Unfortunately for Finn, artist Olivia and hot dog seller Joe have other ideas and so begins a gentle, acutely observed comedy drama about the joys and the traumas of friendship. Sublime and brilliant. find out more...