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Certification12 Our Rating

Favela Rising documents a man and a movement, a city divided and a favela (Brazilian squatter settlement) united. Haunted by the murders of his family and many of his friends, Anderson Sá, a former drug-dealer, turns social revolutionary in one of Rio de Janeiro's most feared slums. Through music, the rhythms of the street and Afro-Brazilian dance he rallies his community to counteract the violent life offered by the drug armies and sustained by corrupt police. But even as liberation looms trage find out more...
HUNGER (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

Bobby Sands was the IRA member who led the 1981 Long Kesh hunger strike as part of a campaign to achieve the status of political prisoners and not that of criminals. The first section of film deals with daily prison life, the 'dirty' protest and the violence, the second is a long discussion on the meaning of life with a sympathetic priest and the third depicts the last weeks and death of a man voluntarily dying of starvation. find out more...
SICKO (2007)

Certification12 Our Rating

Mr Moore is at it again, trashing the core values of ‘The Land of the Brave and the Free', this time it's the ripoff American health service, a system which despite its huge cost is one of the least effective in the ‘developed' world. Moore compares it with the health services of Canada, Britain, France and Cuba as examples of how a system should be run, but, and this is always the flaw in Moore's documentaries, you never get a truly rounded argument. However the man's mission is to address the find out more...