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Certification18 Our Rating

The world as a lunatic asylum. Jack Nicholson plays the anarchist determined to challenge the smug system of authority and obedience that rule the roost. The first film by Czech dissident Forman after migrating from Czechoslovakia to the United States, and a superb comment on society! Won Best Picture plus others at 1975 Academy Awards. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Les Franken defines ‘non-descript', everything about him is without note, but when he takes part in a clinical trial for a new drug called ‘Special' Les starts to notice super human gifts developing and as an avid reader of comic books decides to re-model himself as a fearless indestructible defender of justice. At times bleakly witty 'Special' is at heart a tale driven by delusion, the emotional collapse of a man who like many of us wishes to be something more than he is. A flawed tale that los find out more...