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MARTYRS (2008)

Certification18 Our Rating

Lucie is haunted by terrifying manifestations of the horrors she endured when she was abducted as a child. With the help of Anna, her devoted friend from the orphanage where she grew up, she seeks revenge upon the people who hurt her. Things soon go horribly, violently, wrong and the gruesome shocks continue as the whole truth surrounding Lucie's abduction unfolds. This French 'arthouse' effort at torture-porn is truly disturbing and if, as a DVD retailer, you've ever been asked for something re find out more...
MISERY (1991)

Certification18 Our Rating

When novelist Paul Sheldon is badly injured in a car crash he is rescued and taken home by Annie, a nurse who is also his "number one fan". But with friends like Annie, he surely needs no enemies... A brilliant, darkly humorous, edge of the seat thriller based on the novel by Stephen King. Don't miss it. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Unpleasant ex-cop Joong-ho Eom who works as a charmless pimp is severely troubled that his girls have started walking out on him, that is until he discovers that they all shared the same phone number for their last customer, so he starts to track the guy down. This horror-thriller is a film that, not unlike "Memories of Murder" in terms of plot direction and mood, takes convention and turns it inside out. Exploitative yes, violent yes, funny sometimes, art house no, original and entertaining, ve find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

In the 1st episode a serial killer appears every 30 years to rip the liver from 5 different people before returning to its nest to hibernate. In the 2nd a young woman is abducted by aliens(?) and her young son seems to be hooked into an ethereal internet. Sexy Mulder enthuses while Scully doubts. find out more...