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Certification15 Our Rating

Inside this conventionally structured biopic resides an extraordinary story of an extraordinary man. William Wilberforce was the parliamentary spokesman for a group of radicalised young Evangelists (and Quakers), who despised the money politics and corruption of late 18th Century UK politics and who fought for many reformist policies, the most notable of which was the one this film annotates, the abolition of slavery, a process that took years of political skulduggery and the slow passage of find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Jeremy Irons converts a tribe of heathen Indians in the name of God and likewise reforms the man (De Niro) who used to sell them into slavery. Their peaceful mission is shattered when the Christian church moves to exterminate their flock in the name of political expediency, how will these men of god react? Beautifully photographed, so beautiful that the cinematography is worth the watch alone. find out more...