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Certification15 Our Rating

A large rubber-tree plantation is owned by a French colonist in 1930s Vietnam. Eliane is a proud but imprudent woman, who lives with her father and her native adopted daughter Camille.

Camille runs off with mum's lover, gets married to another guy and goes on a long journey across the country to find the man she really loves. In between she discovers her Vietnamese identity and becomes an independent person.

Shot in stunning locations, a seductive romantic epic!

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CertificationPG Our Rating

Made almost contemporaneously with the 1930s setting, this authentically portrays the poverty and repression of the migrant 'Okies', evicted from their dustbowl farms and treated like slaves in California. Adapted from Steinbeck's book, often called 'THE Great American Novel' and with outstanding performances coming from Henry Fonda (Tom Joad) and John Carradine (John Casey) a preacher with a fondess for vice, but a true heart... fantastic. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

The true story of an English housemaid who changed lifestyle and became a missionary in the politically turbulent China of the 1930s. Beautifully shot with that famous heart rendering finale as Ingrid Bergman brings the orphans on their own long march through the war torn mountains. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Allie and Noah are teenagers in love, and that's real love not the first crush of youth puppy love stuff, but they live in a society ruled by class and are from different sides of the railway track. Reunited several years later it quickly becomes obvious that the fire is still very much alive and Allie finds herself forced to choose between the man she loved, fought and spent a summer of love with as a teenager or a handsome upper class fiancee, a rich and decent man, whom she likes a lot, and w find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Superb adaptation of Graham Swift's novel about growing up in the poverty stricken, primitive, rural Fenland. Irons is peerless as the ageing and troubled history teacher, disillusioned as his students with dry facts and figures, taking them on a field trip though his personal history re-exploring his marriage to his childhood love and the often tragic experiences that befell them. Brilliant and moving. find out more...