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Certification15 Our Rating

David Lean's epic romance set against the turbulant backdrop of the Russian revolution. One man's struggle for moral political and personal survival amidst the complex web of intrigue and tangled loyalties that accompanied the fall of the Tsar.

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KATYN (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

Based on the novel 'Post Mortem: The Story of Katyn' by Andrzej Mularczyk this film tells the horrific story of the 1940 Soviet NKVD's massacre, and subsequent cover-up, of an estimated 22,000, mainly Polish, military officers, police and intellectuals. Rarely does a film about the horrors of organised genocide achieve in its representation such an honest and harrowing account of crimes against humanity. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

The true story of an English housemaid who changed lifestyle and became a missionary in the politically turbulent China of the 1930s. Beautifully shot with that famous heart rendering finale as Ingrid Bergman brings the orphans on their own long march through the war torn mountains. find out more...