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Certification15 Our Rating

First Wolfgang Petersen's TV serial was cut to make a highly acclaimed film, nominated for 6 Oscars, but now he has reshot many scenes, added new ones and remastered the sound in order to make a genuine movie. The film follows the crew of a German WW2 U-Boat crew as they co-exist between hunting Allied ships and being prey themselves. The tension, claustrophobia and fear leap out of the screen and the movie successfully avoids any sense of nationalism, a sentiment that would have irredeemably fl find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Arnie is the leader of a tough bunch of professional soldiers down in Central America sorting out a little problem for Uncle Sam. An unexpected hitch is the hunter, an alien sportsman who'd like Arnie's head for his trophy wall! A great action movie - Alien meets Rambo!!! find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

During the summer of 1944 it had become clear to many in the German High Command that the game was up, that the Nazi orchestrated rape of Europe was leading to an inevitable and overwhelming defeat for Germany and that their best chance of survival was a coup against Hitler and some sort of negotiated surrender to the Allies. find out more...