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Certification12 Our Rating

1943; Hungary is one of the last nations to have its Jewish population rounded up and sent to the Nazi death and labour camps. This is the semi-autobiographical story of one 14-year-old boy and his tale of survival from deportation to Buchenwald and on through liberation and the culture shock of his return to Budapest. Told without resort to emotion we follow our hero and others cling on to what scraps of humanity that they can against the total horror surrounding them. Lajos Koltai's film ranks find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Germany, 1954; teenager Michael Berg becomes ill on his way home and is helped by Hanna, a taciturn, but attractive woman twice his age. When recovered Michael returns to her apartment to thank the stranger for her kindness he swiftly finds himself involved in a furtive, impassioned affair. As this relationship intensifies Michael discovers Hanna's love of being read to. When Hanna disappears without a trace the young lad is left confused and bereft. find out more...