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CertificationPG Our Rating

A young man is found in an abandoned, gothic mansion, with only scissors for hands. He is promptly whisked off to an even stranger world - the one where normal people live. Tim Burton laces a story that is tragic, fantastic and funny with his stunning visual style, complete with pastel bungalows, surreal shrubbery and grotesque outfits. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

When Joel meets Clementine he feels alive for the first time in his life, she is everything he has so successfully repressed in himself; vivacious, impulsive and game for anything. Two years down the line and Joel finds himself alone again, and worse still he finds Clementine has wiped him from her memory. Lost and angry Joel decides to do the same, but as he enters into the process, the memories flashing across his subconscious revitalise what he thought had gone…, and so begins a desper find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Harvie Krumpet is the story of an Eastern European immigrant's life of incredible bad luck. Home-educated by his deranged and illiterate (yet beloved) mother, Harvie's life is dedicated to the accumulation of 'Fakts', until he meets the love of his life and has a beautiful and intelligent daughter. These two women are, however, the only relief in Harvie's relentless misfortune, which includes, in no particular order; testicular cancer, deranged Scotsmen, geriatric nudity, bald parrots, fatal f find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Scarlet-haired punk Lola (Potente) has just 20 minutes to raise 100,00 marks, otherwise her petty criminal boyfriend Manni (Bleibtreu) will have to explain to his psychotic gangster boss, how he managed to leave the proceeds of a shady drug deal on the Berlin subway. With time running out it looks likely that Manni may have to rob the convenience store across the way in order to save his skin. And as each second ticks by Lola is forced to make decisions that go on to influence future events. Th find out more...
SIN CITY (2005)

Certification18 Our Rating

Marv is a lunkhead of incredible strength, an aggressive power he puts to merciless use when his one true love is murdered. Hartigan is the embittered, but moralistic cop who's sworn to protect a stripper and Dwight is the lover of Shellie and the inadvertent dark angel of Gail's Old Town girls, a feisty group of hookers. These are just a selection of the random characters in Rodriguez's adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novels and it's difficult to decide which of the two is the bi find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

On one level it's terrifying, another tragic, but there's no denying it's utterly hypnotic. A hall seething with demonic young children obsessed with the national spelling Bee competition, a cruel concept made all the more vicious by parental participation. Spellbound is a dazzling documentary, sad, funny, and like any particularly fine true story....almost unbelievable. find out more...