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CertificationU Our Rating

This is a stunning cinematic interpretation of the classic story of the big-nosed bard and his unrequited love for Roxanne. A riveting and powerful performance from Gerard Depardieu with such superb rhyming subtitles, by Anthony Burgess, one almost forgets the movie was made in French. The action is enthralling, the cinematography fantastic, the movie entertaining; a must see film if you enjoy poetry, romance, humor, action, suspense, period pieces, aesthetically pleasing images, theatre, Fre find out more...

MOLIERE (2007)

Certification12 Our Rating

Moliere has yet to write his masterpiece 'Tartuffe', but looking back to his days as a destitue actor we see the origins of the plot; a socially ambitious nouveau riche, M Jourdain, wishes to learn to act in order to impress a certain young lady of high rank, so Moliere is rescued from debtors' prison, and, as Jourdain is married, given a job in his household disguised as a priest. So begins this clever and witty populist satire on period manners, court flummery, romantic entanglement, mimicry, find out more...