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In the final days of WWII, during the chaotic Soviet occupation, a seventeen-year-old Hungarian boy, Jancsó's alter ego, wanders his own countryside. He is captured by occupying Soviet troops, released and then, after donning a German uniform for warmth, captured once more. Sent to assist a wounded young Russian soldier guarding a diary herd the two strike up a firm friendship and this is the detailed episode at the crux of his travels. Throughout the movie displaced people drift; bandits, escap find out more...

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Made almost contemporaneously with the 1930s setting, this authentically portrays the poverty and repression of the migrant 'Okies', evicted from their dustbowl farms and treated like slaves in California. Adapted from Steinbeck's book, often called 'THE Great American Novel' and with outstanding performances coming from Henry Fonda (Tom Joad) and John Carradine (John Casey) a preacher with a fondess for vice, but a true heart... fantastic. find out more...

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A weird and mesmerising classic. Lancaster is the rich Connecticut suburbanite who "swims" home one day through the pools of his wealthy neighbours. Along the way he's forced to face some unpleasant truths from his past and present. Great performances, stylish camerawork and splendidly surreal.

find out more...

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Pissed off rebel Kowalski accepts a challenge to drive from Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours. Fired up by a tankful of gas in his 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with its 4-speed manual transmission, Hurst "pistol grip" shifter and controlling a 4 barrel/440 cubic inch "Magnum" V-8 engine, he begins his solitary odyssey, spurred on by a blind black DJ, Super Soul, to become 'the last American hero'. Kowalski gathers a following amongst counterculture denizens, bikers and hippies flock to KOW radio find out more...