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ALIEN (1979)

Certification18 Our Rating

Much imitated but never equalled, this is the definitive space nightmare. The crew of a commercial spacecraft are stalked by a stowaway, mutating monster of veracious appetite. Weaver puts in a splendidly believable performance as the resourceful Ripley. Taut script and awesome special FX. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Tim Allen is the enthusiastic leader of a group of washed-up-actors, who are laboriously trudging round the si-fi conventions 20 years after their show has been axed. However, somewhere in space, a bunch of naive aliens have been watching the shows reruns, and believing that these hammy actors are the genuine article, wish to enlist their help in saving the universe. What follows is a wonderful, and warm hearted satire on all things trekie. Great fun, watch!!!!!

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PRIMER (2005)

Certification12 Our Rating

Computer engineers Abe and Aaron spend their time between working, eating and sleeping creating machines that may one day revolutionize the world. It is while reaching the completion of one such invention that the two men realise they have inadvertently designed something that is capable of taking them to, and providing them with, all that their ambitious minds can imagine. As is so often the case when all one's dreams seem within grasp...this is where their problems really begin. Primer is a mi find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Classic 50s sci-fi and the film that spawned a generation of alien-invasion flicks. When friendly alien visitor Klaatu is wounded by trigger-happy state troopers his robot mate seeks revenge, but Klaatu has a message for mankind and takes to the streets to teach the world the true meaning of peace. Brilliant. find out more...