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Certification18 Our Rating

Rekall Inc implant the memory of a perfect holiday into your mind. Arnie is a nobody who dreams of living on Mars and what quicker, cheaper, safer way of making his dreams come true than purchasing memory implants; a two-week trip to Mars, first class, with a personal ego-trip as an optional extra. But something goes wrong (or does it?), Quaid has already been to Mars (or has he?), and his memories have been erased (hence those dreams?). Now they want him dead, but has Arnie really been persuade find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

A futuristic entertainment park has been split into three zones, WesternWorld, MedievalWorld and RomanWorld, each full of human looking robots, and guests are allowed to indulge in their fantasies, including murder and sex. However a series of technical hitches lead to some androids misbehaving and ends with the sinister Yul Brynner stalking the mockup saloons slaughtering unsuspecting tourists. find out more...