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Certification15 Our Rating

Al Gore finds life after the politically crushing embarrassment that was his tenure as vice president and, frankly, it's unlikely he will experience another point as high as his achievement in this profound, engaging and, mercifully, clear documentary on the consequences of our complacent greed. That ĎAn Inconvenient Truth' provides little in the way of true revelations pertaining to the earth's (humanity's) looming ecological demise, and ignores some of the more profound problems of trapped car find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

General Motors EV-1 electric car was a revelation, a non-fossil fuel form of transport that offered a genuine alternative to the gasoline guzzlers that choke America's roads. So why were they all sent to the knackers' yard? 'Who Killed The Electric Car?' is a fascinating, sad and scarily predictable tale of the oil industry's determination to keep profits up regardless of the short and long term global consequences. find out more...