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When a modern-day witch, Gillian Holroyd, falls for a handsome New York publisher, Shep Henderson, she casts a spell to ward him off marrying an old and despised love rival. However, what starts as attraction motivated by jealousy soon develops in to something far deeper, true love. Can Gillian, with all her spells and potions, win over Shep's heart. A delightful romantic comedy with a great cast! find out more...

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Isabel is a happy go lucky slightly naive beautiful young woman, she's also a witch. Jack is a movie star who's fallen on hard times and now finds himself the lead in a remake of the TV comedy ‘Bewitched'. Spotting Isabel on the street one day Jack is convinced she'd make a perfect Samantha, little knowing her magical abilities. It's because of films like this that we keep on wrongly accusing the Americans of having no sense of irony. Why use such a conceit to plunder yet another classic TV seri find out more...