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Certification15 Our Rating

An enjoyable adaption of Helen Fielding's bestselling book. We follow our heroine on her increasingly desperate search for someone to love who loves her right back and whose closet merely houses clothes rather than skeletons. 'Bridget Jones's Diary' is a fun and slick romantic comedy very much in the tradition of Notting Hill. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Toula's just hit thirty and there's no man in sight, not a problem you might think for a modern woman, but Toula belongs to a traditional Greek family and she's still very much embroiled in their embrace. Ian is the tall not so dark stranger who transforms her world and while the infatuated couple prepare for life together her eccentric family move in to add some traditional chaos. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a delightful romantic comedy, light, fluffy and full of farce. Pure escapism. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Control-freak Kate is a master chef who lives her life like she runs her kitchen, with a no-nonsense intensity that both captivates and intimidates all around her. Kate's perfectionist nature is put to the test when she not only 'inherits' her nine-year-old niece Zoe but also has to contend with the brash, but gifted, new sous-chef, the high-spirited and freewheeling Nick. Kate and Nick immediately get off on the wrong foot but we, the audience, know they're a match made in heaven. A likeable en find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Martin Naranjo is a chef par excellence, a perfectionist and an artist when it comes to food. Martin's personal life however is a slightly less ordered affair as he struggles to deal with the unexpected, though welcome, advances of his neighbour and the constant revelations of his three adult daughters. Tortilla Soup is an enjoyable sweet natured comedy drama, though Ang lee's "Eat Drink Man Woman", upon which this is based, is still the most delicious and delicate of the two. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Pregnant Jenna is a small town Louisiana waitress with a gift for making the finest pies in the county, but if Jenna wants to make her dream come true, which is to start her own shop, she needs to find some money and escape her abusive husband, and lordy will that baby tie her down. "Waitress" is an easily likeable light drama with comic moments that occasionally slaps you in the face with some fairly serious issues on its otherwise good natured journey. find out more...