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Certification15 Our Rating

a shameless blending of Pride and Prejudice with Life on Mars - The Telegraph. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Episode 3; Amanda's hostility to Darcy wanes as she begins to feel that, in Elizabeth's absence, she must 'understudy' for her. She learns that Darcy's sister Georgiana was in love with Wickham, and in response to his rejection of her advances, told Darcy that Wickham had "ravished her". Wickham maintains this falsehood to spare Georgiana's honour, which softens Amanda's hostility towards him. Meanwhile, Bingley is so heartbroken by Jane's marriage to Mr Collins that he has taken to drinking hea find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Two sisters, egged on by their father and scheming uncle, vie for Henry VIII's eye; one would become his mistress and one his second wife, one would be executed and one would live to a ripe middle-age. Intrigue, betrayal, incest and homosexuality are thrown in - this is history as soap opera and middle brow melodrama based round a best-selling novel rather than historical fact. There's no sex, no dirt, little of the real politics of the time, but the costumes are sumptuous and the film pretty. find out more...