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Certification12 Our Rating

It's 1985 and working class lad Brian Jackson has got himself a place at Bristol University, a sizeable step towards his ambition of getting onto University Challenge, but there is a veritable minefield for the naïve Brian to negotiate before he can achieve the pinnacle of becoming one of ‘Bamber's' babes, not least of which is the opposite sex. 'Starter For 10' is a charming well observed bitter sweet comedy, carried nicely by James McAvoy as the ‘all at sea' Brian. Neat soundtrack to. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Alice would never believe her husband of infidelity, but when she enters a risky bet with her sister to discover the level of his monogamy the poor luv inadvertently opens a veritable barrel of worms. Not blessed by a cast fated for their acting dexterity The Truth About Love's misery is compounded by some excruciating out of synch dubbing. Badly scripted, poorly directed (don't really want to blame anyone else, but I'm sure others are culpable), we got this largely because our shop is briefly i find out more...