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Certification12 Our Rating

All twelve episodes from the first series of the classic satirical puppet show. No target was safe from the series' gunsights: Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet, the opposition, the Liberals, Ronald Reagan, the Pope and the Royal Family could all find themselves up for a painful ribbing on any given programme. The series was worked around the current week's news stories and featured a number of famous impressionists, including Chris Barrie, Rory Bremner, Phil Cornwell, Steve Coogan, John Culs find out more...

STRIKE (1924)

Certification15 Our Rating

The first of Eisenstein's classic series of films. The story of a revolt in a factory and its murderous suppression contains all the elements that went into his later films - the crowd masses, the mosaic of detail, the caricatures, faces of love, breathless montage and ferocious images of cruelty. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

A wonderful example of the ability Chaplin had to comment on current issues with witty, visual satire. This film was, Chaplins first "talkie", and has him playing both a persecuted Jewish businessman, and Hynkel, a sharp and accurate lampoon of Hitler. A superb example of Chaplins comic genius. find out more...

CertificationE Our Rating

A disturbing documentary account of the 1934 Nuremberg rally, portraying Hitler in near godlike terms. So powerful was the imagery and effect of this film that it was banned for many years after WW2. Today too it leaves a chilling effect even after all those years. find out more...