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CertificationPG Our Rating

Winner of numerous awards including the Oscar for Best Foreign Film; this is the story of a young boy's love affair with the local cinema, where he regularly sneaks into the village priest's weekly preview and censorship session. Years later now a successful film director he returns to his native town. Stunning and beautiful. An extra 50 minutes is incorporated into the Director's Cut in case you were left slathering for more! find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

An atmospheric medieval allegory for which Bergman won his first Oscar and International Critics Prize at Cannes. On her way to church, a 15-year-old peasant girl is raped and murdered by two goatherds. Later, in a bizarre twist of fate, the culprits ask for food and shelter at the house of the dead girl's parents. Discovering the truth, when the goatherds offer to sell them their dead daughter's bloodstained clothes, the parents exact a brutal revenge. The formal simplicity and overt symbolism, find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

The first part of Bergman's trilogy (followed by Winter Light) about God's silence. His deeply melancholic views on the human condition are reflected thru' this tale of four Swedes geographically isolated, in a summer home on a holiday island, and emotionally separated from each other in a society, rooted in Lutheran Protestanism, in which self-expression is taboo and feelings suppressed. As one of them descends into insanity the others can only gaze helplessly on. Much to be admired in Bergman' find out more...