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CertificationPG Our Rating

During the German Occupation a young trainee railway guard at a remote country station desperately tries to lose his virginity. He finally succeeds with the station master's wife. Satiric, anti-heroic, humorous and balanced tragi-comedy. Generally considered the finest Czech new wave film. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

CertificationU Our Rating

'Happiness' tracks the bittersweet transition as an innocent, simpler lifestyle slowly fades to the seduction of technology and progress in the village of Laya, nestled deep in the Himalayan mountainside of Bhutan. Told through the eyes of Peyangki; a captivating and dreamy nine year old boy, who is sent by his mother to study at the local monastery because she cannot afford to raise all six of her children. Beautiful, sad and... inevitable.

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KOLYA (1996)

Certification12 Our Rating

Winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, 1997, this charming Czechoslovakian comedy-drama features the most edibly adorable child star ever in Andrej Chaliman as five year old Kolya. Abandoned after his love-struck mother flees to Germany, Kolya is left at the mercy of confirmed bachelor and child-phobic cellist Louka, who's foolishly entwined himself in a marriage of convenience with the kid's mum. The political background, while necessary, never becomes too bogged-down, and indeed provides t find out more...