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CertificationPG Our Rating

Jeremy Irons converts a tribe of heathen Indians in the name of God and likewise reforms the man (De Niro) who used to sell them into slavery. Their peaceful mission is shattered when the Christian church moves to exterminate their flock in the name of political expediency, how will these men of god react? Beautifully photographed, so beautiful that the cinematography is worth the watch alone. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

1913; a strict Protestant village in northern Germany and the locals are plagued by a series of malevolences; a farmer's wife falls through rotten floorboards, a wire placed at knee-height has brought down the the doctor's horse, a window is opened exposing a newborn baby to the cold of the winter, cabbages are beheaded with a scythe, one of the Baron's sons is discovered bound and lashed by a whip, a barn is set on fire, a farmer hangs himself, a handicapped child is found tied to a tree with a find out more...