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Certification12 Our Rating

Hilary Swank plays a fallen aristocrat, in pre-Revolutionary France, whose plot to steal a priceless necklace, a superbly planned con job aimed at the highest of the high, forms the centre piece of this stunning looking period drama. Loosely based round a true story that helped hammer a final nail in the coffin of the decadent and uncaring French ruling class. Excellently scripted and Swank excels. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Barbara is the lady in question, a woman driven by the constant desire for excitment and unfettered by any moral conscience. Barabara has quickly become bored of her aristocratic marriage and decides upon highway robbery as a ripping way to spice life up; a nocturnal activity which brings her into contact with dashing highway man, Captain Jackson. Barabara's unscrupulous deeds are eventually uncovered but this is not a woman to be triffled with, and muder is well within her abilities. The Wic find out more...