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Certification12 Our Rating

What to say about The American Astronaut... It's a heady cocktail of DIY science-fiction, lo-fi musical, transatlantic surrealism and good old fashioned nice-guy comedy. The action revolves around Sam Curtis, a mercenary of the Han Solo school, and his increasingly colourful mission. It begins with the delivery of a cat to a small outer-belt asteroid saloon where he meets his former dance partner, and interplanetary fruit thief, the Blueberry Pirate. Peril comes in the form of nemesis Professor find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Lucy Fife Donaldson says: "Directed by Michael Winterbottom, this series is based around Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embarking on a short tour of restaurants in the North of England, commissioned by The Observer. Each episode features ameal with the two men where the competitive quality of their somewhat uneasy relationship manifests itself through a one-up-manship routine of comic improvisations and impressions of Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery and others. Blending real-life an find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Thunderbolt is a veteran robber, sharp, cunning and laconic, Lightfoot is young, feisty, good natured and with a gob on him that's in danger of getting him into even more trouble than his thieving ways. Together the two men are on a road trip to regain their misplaced heist, a dangerous task due to the vengeful and brutal nature of the ex-members of their gang. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is an intelligent, fast moving and impressively superior take on the buddy, buddy movie. A fine debut from the find out more...