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BAARIA (2009)

Certification15 Our Rating

Giuseppe Tornatore directed this grand-scale portrait of life and love over several decades in the small town in Sicily where he was born. We see a number of important historical events through the eyes of young Peppino, watching the fortunes of his town and his family rise and fall. While open to accusations of nostalgia, superficiality and indulgence the film is something of a feast for the senses.
A rambunctious family saga the kind they don't, and probably shouldn't, make any more. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Young provincial waiter Jan Dite may be short in height but his aspirations are lofty, he is determined to become a millionaire and he knows just how to do it. Continually watching and listening to his superiors and his high-flying, big-spending customers, Jan learns how to succeed by pleasing others. Based on the novel by Czech author Bohumit Hrabal, and directed by the Academy Award winning maker of ‘Closely Observed Trains', 'I Served The King' is a beguiling comedy about opportunism, identit find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Born in New Orleans, abandoned and adopted on the day of the end of WWI, Benjamin Button is a medical mystery. Entering life as a physically old man, over the course of his remarkable existence he rejuvenates to infancy. He has a unique, poignant, but also joyous, perspective on the world around him. Very loosely adapted from F Scott Fitzgerald's excellent short story of the same title, 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' is a beautifully visualised and whimsical tale that drifts through the e find out more...