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Certification15 Our Rating

An Oscar nominee and Golden Lion winner, this three part film starts with a monk escorting an Albanian girl through a gorgeous Macedonian setting, then moves to London, where an exile lives, and finally returns to a divided Balkan village where gun touting Macedonian and Albanian ethnics fan their mutual hatred. The human tragedy of war contrasts with a stunning landscape. Beautiful, moving, superb. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

China in the turmoil of Japanese occupation is the evocative setting for this unusual and visually stunning tale. Recruited before she is truly aware of her purpose, a young woman is groomed to become an irresistible siren, an icon of contemporary eroticism to ensnare a collaborator who has wreaked havoc amongst her people. Ang Lee's stunning follow up to "Broke Back Mountain" is in essence a thriller but as with all his films it is the richness and depth of the characters that really drive the find out more...