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Certification12 Our Rating

Al and Imogen are both studying (oh OK, partying like today is the last day) at a New York college; one day their eyes lock across a crowded bar and it's love at first sight, But can such affection survive their hedonistic lifestyle? A fly away, fun, fluffy romantic comedy. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Samantha Mackenzie is looking forward to college, but she wishes that she could drive up to the campus in a beat-up VW with a beer hidden in her cooler. Instead she gets a police escort and is serenaded by "Hail To The Chief". Being the president's daughter and out of the house for the time, Sam wants to party and study like a normal college kid but when the tabloids are laying in wait, scandal finds her. She shrugs off her secret service detail to hang out with her roomate as well as her new cr find out more...