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Certification12 Our Rating

A veritable history of surf, its culture and its derring-doers. Surfers Greg Noll, Jeff Clark, Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton et al, discuss the thrills, the dangers, the waves, the boards, the irresistable need to conquer nature and each other. The waves we're talking about are predominately in Hawaii, The North Shore, Makaha, Peahi and California, especially the extremely dangerous Mavericks near San Francisco. We learn about the history of riding big waves all the way thru' to the modern tow-in find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

NASA footage of underwater exploration and deep space travel provide the dreamscape for a narration by Brad Dourif as an alien raging against the sins of mankind, a failed alien invasion and our own pre-doomed space exploration. This is intelligent escapism into a mysterious sci-fi world; amusing, stunning, unsettling, haunting and mind-bending madness. A mesmerising and beautiful docu-fantasy. find out more...