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Certification15 Our Rating

One night, while investigating strange noises, artist, Ku, meets the beautiful Yang, who is living in a reputedly haunted abandoned fort. She is being pursued by the Imperial police and Ku finds himself caught up in many fights in her struggle to survive. This historical epic, set in the Ming Dynasty is action adventure with a lyrical feel, a kung fu film with a strong spiritual element, a combination of both Chinese and Japanese legend that mixes fantasy with political intrigue - Zen Buddhism i find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Four earthlings are recruited by the mysterious Oz and are honed into a cohesive fighting force against the Shadowmen, a group of fallen angels hell bent on the destruction of life as we know it. Invincible is dangerously close to being unbelievable, but the corny comic strip style saves it from utterly unintentional farce. By no-means good but if you've temporarily misplaced your frontal lobe (or it's drowning in alcohol) it does the business. find out more...