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THE CELL (2000)

Certification18 Our Rating

A deeply disturbed serial killer ( I know most of them are pretty seriously bothered by something, but this guy is grade A) has been caught by the FBI, but he still has one victim tucked away and time is running out. Enter one beautiful therapist who is using a revolutionary computer program to enter the world and minds of her patients. Harnessing her skills she enters the murderer's thoughts and so begins a battle to discover the truth... and survive the journey. The Cell as a thriller is no ey find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Russell Crowe plays Sid (Sadistic, Intelligent, Dangerous), an abominable amalgamation of some 200 notorious killers created in virtual reality to test L.A's finest. Denzel is the disgraced ex-cop whose only chance of redemption is to stop the unstoppable cyber-psycho. Full-on action thriller. find out more...