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Certification18 Our Rating

Outer space. A band of Death Row inmates are offered a shot at redemption if they undertake a mission to extract energy from around a black hole. But the ship’s doctor, Dibs (Juliette Binoche), has her own agenda: to harvest the men’s semen and impregnate the women. Bu find out more...

X MEN (2000)

Certification12 Our Rating

Taken from the Marvel comic characters this huge budgeted live action extravaganza focuses on the formulation of the X-Men; a group of young earth mutants with extraordinary powers who are moulded into a force for good by professor Xavier and their first life and death battle, to protect a world that fears them, against a psychotic fellow mutant, Magneto. 'X-Men' as you might expect has impressive special effects; ridiculous certainly, but if that's an issue, you've completely missed the point. find out more...
X-MEN 2 (2002)

Certification12 Our Rating

A genetic scientist is bent on revenge against the mutants, and with a powerful serum he is capable of manipulating mutant against mutant in a battle that will destroy them all. X-Men 2 is a an epic si-fi drama that builds successfully on the first movie; or an overwrought tale with a script that utilises 'Oh my god it's going to explode!!!!' when 'I think we should leave now' would have sufficed, and which manages to turn remarkable beings into cheesy stereotypes... oh alright it's an intellige find out more...