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MIMIC (1998)

Certification15 Our Rating

A Hollywood first from the director of Mexican cult chiller "Cronos". When New York's children are threatened by a polio-like epidemic, Mira Sorvino and fellow bug scientist Jeremy Northam save the day by altering the DNA structure of the disease's carrier - the cockroach. Three years later, it appears that their genetic tampering has had catastrophic results, with new and improved turbo-roaches lurking in the tunnels beneath the city, mimicking and preying upon their human predators. A grimly g find out more...
X-MEN 2 (2002)

Certification12 Our Rating

A genetic scientist is bent on revenge against the mutants, and with a powerful serum he is capable of manipulating mutant against mutant in a battle that will destroy them all. X-Men 2 is a an epic si-fi drama that builds successfully on the first movie; or an overwrought tale with a script that utilises 'Oh my god it's going to explode!!!!' when 'I think we should leave now' would have sufficed, and which manages to turn remarkable beings into cheesy stereotypes... oh alright it's an intellige find out more...