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CertificationPG Our Rating

A faithful Jehovah's Witness is forced to shun her own sister because of a religious transgression. As the separation draws out, she starts to question the meaning of God's love. 

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CertificationU Our Rating

Taking man's inhumanity to man as its central theme, 'Au Hasard Balthazar' traces the life of a donkey, christened Balthazar by a group of young children, from birth to death. Balthazar's story begins on a small farm in a rural district of France. Throughout his life he is owned by many of the locals, returning to some of them more than once, and is set various tasks, from drawing a carriage to performing in a circus, turning a grindstone to acting as a smuggler's means of transport. Some owners find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Winner of numerous awards including the Oscar for Best Foreign Film; this is the story of a young boy's love affair with the local cinema, where he regularly sneaks into the village priest's weekly preview and censorship session. Years later now a successful film director he returns to his native town. Stunning and beautiful. An extra 50 minutes is incorporated into the Director's Cut in case you were left slathering for more! find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Henry Poole is a disillusioned man who has just found out that he has six weeks to live. Deciding to spend his remaining days in seclusion Henry leaves his job, his fiancée, overbearing mother and returns to the neighbourhood where he grew up. Unfortunately Henry's plans for urban hermitage are dashed when his neighbour notices a stain on his wall that she believes has miraculous powers and soon his back yard becomes a shrine. 'Henry Poole is Here' is a likeable, quirky, bittersweet comedy drama find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Huge epic, set during the heyday of Republican Rome, in all its ostentatious glory. The story details the purchase and selection of slaves, the harsh discipline and routine of the gladiators' school, the new comradeship balked by the realisation that a gladiator must kill or be killed. Then the film really comes into its own with the superbly staged revolt and escape, led by the slave who, with his unlikely army, holds the Roman army at bay for four years. Magnificent, masterful....a classic! find out more...