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Certification15 Our Rating

A superior brat pack romance about an unconventional independent minded cutie from the wrong side of the tracks who falls for a hunky rich kid. This teen weepy is the third of John Hughes trilogy, following 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Sixteen Candles', and oozes style, energy and great performances. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

For all romantics this is essential viewing. Hepburn as the princess going awol is simply stunning, Peck smoulders to perfection, Rome is beautiful and all is right with the world. Ah, they don't make them like that any more.Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

The affable Hanks is perfectly cast as a man quietly devastated by his wife's death. His young son tricks him into opening up about himself on a radio phone-in, and he strikes a chord in the heart of the listening Meg Ryan. Events conspire to bring them together in a touching and witty fairytale. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Nina cannot get over the untimely death of her lover, and it's beginning to effect her sanity. Then one lonely evening he's back; at first Nina's over the moon, but living with a ghost has its problems. Superbly acted and cleverly plotted this is funny, sad and shows "Ghost" how it should be done. find out more...