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Certification15 Our Rating

Chronicles the life and times of Nucky Thompson, the undisputed ruler of Atlantic City, who was equal parts politician and gangster.
High production values and a fine ensemble cast: HBO knows how to do TV.

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Certification18 Our Rating

The true story of Bloomsbury Set darling Dora Carrington and her doomed love for Lytton Strachey who, though charming, was quite obviously a screaming homosexual. Well crafted with a sumptuously authentic feel, this is a must for literary vultures. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

This is the story of a group of North Africans who enlisted in the French Army to fight for the motherland, freedom and equality, and against Nazism. We follow their travails through France's first military defeat of Germany, by raw Arab conscripts, through to being the first French troops to fight their way into Alsace. Throughout they are treated as second rate people by French men, though oddly not always by the women, denied full rations, promotions or leave - they do and they die. As a war find out more...
MISSING (1982)

Certification15 Our Rating

Brilliant story of a bourgeois American father searching for his son who disappeared in Chile in the 1970 coup. Due to his son's knowledge of the deep extent of American involvement in the coup and subsequent massacres, the trail gradually leads to the American embassy itself. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Twelve-year-old Akira is head of his family, two younger sisters and a brother. Dad has never featured in their lives and mum, well she has a tendency to come and then go. Left to their own devices the children have to adapt to survive and in doing so they observe the grown-up world with a wonder and resignation that breaks the heart and blows the mind. Based on a true story, which was reported in the Japanese news in 1988, and shot in a semi-documentary style "Nobody Knows" is a deeply moving a find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

After the 11th September 2001 the War Against Terror is preparing to move on to Iraq. The UN have sent in the weapons inspectors to find if Saddam has indeed Weapons of Mass Destruction and the political machines in both the UK and US are working to present the strongest possible case for war in the face of (in the UK) very vocal opposition from the public. With the dossiers released and the threat established the "need for war" is set and, on the 19th March 2003, th find out more...