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Certification18 Our Rating

Lee has a tendency towards self-harm, but she's a sweet natured if kooky lass, and upon her release from the asylum she decides to find gainful employment. Edward Gray is a lawyer and Lee's new employer, a man who gets through his secretaries at an alarming rate. Though not immediately apparent the two are made for each other, their repressed psychological, physical and sexual fetishes providing them with a common and mutually attractive bond. The Secretary is a disturbed, quirky and often very find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

It's Sweden in 1975 and Elizabeth finally decides to leave her drunken and abusive husband, finding refuge in her brother's commune. The environment that Elizabeth finds herself in is a far cry from her previously suburban existence, and she quickly warms to it, only her children are less convinced, seeing as they do a world no less full of deceit and hypocracy than the life they have left. Together is a joyous movie, sharply observed, often very funny and with a satisfying feel good after taste find out more...