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Certification15 Our Rating

Five builders enter the desolate and ominous Danvers state mental hospital on a two week contract. Though the hospital has long closed it still holds tormented memories and the men, each of whom have a dark secret of their own, are entering the merciless jaws of hell. "Session 9" is a class psychological horror, dripping in atmosphere, well acted, originally plotted and relentlessly unnerving. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

In an unnamed European town, in an unspecified era, live Cynthia and Evelyn. Every day Evelyn cycles to Cynthia’s chateau to work as a lowly maid and every day the cruel, vindictive Cynthia inflicts countless sad find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Geremia is a loathsome, physically deformed loan shark surviving off people who borrow money and by laying down the sort of terms your friendly high street bank can only dream of. Geremia poses as the friend of the family whilst bleeding them of every penny that he can. However, when a poor couple approach for cash for their beautiful daughter's wedding Geremia is smitten, utterly undeterred by the haughty contempt of the bride to be. ‘The Family Friend' is a stylish delight with a hypnotically find out more...