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Real-life lovers Olivier and Leigh gel perfectly and light up the screen in this portrayal of the rise, decline and fall of a courtesan and one of history's great, but doomed, love affairs. With its great dialogue audiences of the time adored this film, as did Churchill who announced it his favourite! find out more...

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The mythical "Colour of Pomegranates", the life of 18th century Armenian poet Sayat Nova, (included in Time Out's 100 greatest all time movie list), double-billed with the "Legend of the Suram Fortress", a Georgian myth about a young boy who saves the constantly crumbling Suram Fortress by allowing himself to be covered with earth and eggs and walled up alive. Eloquent images and obscure symbols constructed in striking tableaux vivants, emblematic gestures or formalised movement. Beautiful, surr find out more...