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Certification12 Our Rating

John Nash is a brilliant, though socially awkward, mathematician and with his latest work he has achieved the acclaim that he so needed, but John is also prone to delusional behaviour, and when a mysterious stranger asks him for his help to thwart a conspiracy against the Stars and Stripes, John becomes increasingly obsessive, a state of mind that begins to push away all those he holds dear, even his loving wife. Very loosely adapted from a true story "Beautiful Mind" is the bog standard slickly find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

James M Barrie is a lonely man, in a failing marriage, and a playwright whose work has seen better days. When Barrie meets a group of children in the park he finds himself enchanted, and it is not long before he has settled deep within the bosom of their family life, a loving matriarchy held together by the children's young widowed mother. Finding Neverland is based on the play by Allan Knee, and is a tender, deeply moving interpretation of Barrie's inspiration for "Peter Pan". Beautifully perf find out more...
KINSEY (2004)

Certification12 Our Rating

When Mr and Mrs Kinsey have trouble consummating their new marriage, they begin looking for help. They finally get it but discover that the medical and sociological professions have a lot to learn about the subject. Insect biologist Alfred begins to teach classes and take surveys in an attempt to help people understand their sexual selves and free their minds in the process. Linney shines as his open-minded and big-hearted wife, Sarsgaard as the curious disciple and Lithgow as Alfred's controlli find out more...