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IRON MAN (2008)

Certification12 Our Rating

Tony Stark is the epitome of "come-the-revolution…" capitalism, a morally ambiguous playboy billionaire who's built his wealth on mankind's incessant need to slaughter his fellows, but, after showing off one of his latest weapons to the military, Stark endures an experience that will leave him, both physically and mentally, a changed man. Stark is now an individual with a conscience, a burning desire to see justice done and the limitless cash to make it a reality… the building of a ‘superhero' find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Captain "Lucky" Jack Aubrey is a naval commander whose ship comes under heavy fire from a vastly superior enemy vessel while on patrol off the Brazilian coast during the Napoleonic wars. Only the luck of the gods and Jack's renowned cunning save him and the crew from certain doom, enabling their ship to slip away from battle before all is lost in the icy depths of the ocean. With his pride and his ship in a poor way Jack vows to turn the tables on his foe and so begins a tense game of cat and mo find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Written by the always controversial Quentin Tarantino, this is romance with a big difference. Teenage hooker Alabama marries shy guy Clarence and pretty soon the happy couple are on the run from just about everyone. Fast, brutal in places, with a heavy dose of dark humour. Not to be missed. find out more...